At Austin OneHeart School, we believe that everything and anything we do in life flows from OneHeart. Our Lower School (age 5-6) and Upper School (age 7-18) programs emphasize nature-based, integrated learning and each person’s connection to the planet. We invite each person to explore, enjoy, and embrace the wonder and beauty of ourselves and the world.  

We partner with the parents and students to create a learning environment where a child’s natural curiosity and joy can find expression.

Currently accepting students in the Lower School and the Maples (age 7-11) and the Redwoods (age 12-14) programs of the Upper School for fall 2021. 

We are pleased to announce OneHeart Scholars program for students aged 14 – 18 who would like to pursue independent study. We have limited number of full and partial merit-based scholarships. Please submit your application & two letters of recommendation & portfolio of your work.

OneHeart Scholars will be chosen on the basis of their demonstrated excellence in

  • Scholarly/Creative pursuits
  • Extracurricular accomplishments
  • Teamwork/ Volunteer activities

And two letters of recommendation from a teacher/mentor (not family member) who can speak to the student’s character, motivation, work ethic, scholarship and extracurricular leadership.

Scholarly/creative achievements will include not only school evaluations or their equivalents for homeschoolers but also a student’s record of self-directed and holistic learning. We will consider academic and artistic curiosity and innovative ways a student has engaged in learning.

Extracurricular leadership will include activities outside the school, such as athletics, student-led volunteer work, and charity work. We want to see how a student has channeled his or her energy outside of school.

Lastly, good citizenship will include anything students have done to better their community/ team in some way. We are interested in finding what they care about in their environment, in and out of school.

Scholarship applications are now being accepted for the 2021-22 academic year and please submit your application by January 31, 2021. Apply now!

For any questions, please inquire at

OneHeart News 

After 15 years of providing innovative and creative learning programs around Canada, China, and the U.S.(including here in wonderful Austin), the OneHeart Team is taking a two-year pause. We want to reflect on the last 15 years and, more importantly, what is really needed for our children who are forging ahead in this time of immense transformation. During our sabbatical, we are available for conversations and of course for application questions. Please stay in touch and see you in fall 2021!

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