If you do not find your question among these commonly asked questions, please contact us at open@oneheartschool.org.


1. What is OneHeart School?
Austin OneHeart School provides nature-based integrated learning, nurturing each person’s innate capacity to connect and explore. It currently offers programs for K-12.  Austin OneHeart School is a part of Sansori.org, an independent, privately-funded organization dedicated to creating a new global educational paradigm. For more information on Sansori, please see http://sansori.org

2. What is nature-based integrated learning?
Life is not divided into separate subject matters, and at OneHeart we believe that learning shouldn’t be either. Nature is a living example of integrated learning, and our exploration of nature, primarily through permaculture and conservation, integrates subject matters that are typically taught separately in the conventional school system. For example, if we are focusing on “prepping the soil” in the garden in one of our Upper School learning cycles, our math sessions and science sessions center around working with and learning about things like ratios, exponents, nitrogen and PH levels.

3. Who is behind these programs, and why?
Please read about our Team here.

4. What does the OneHeart name mean?
We chose our name – Austin OneHeart School – because (i) we love Austin and its freedom-loving spirit and progressive mindset; and (ii) OneHeart is at the core of all that we do in life. Regardless of our skin color, body sizes, food preferences, and where we live, we are all a part of OneHeart.

5. How is Austin OneHeart School funded?
OneHeart is funded by private investors and tuition fees, and is not affiliated with any religious, ethnic or political organization.

6. Where can I ask my other questions?
Please email us at open@oneheartschool.org.