OneHeart Marketplace showcases artistic creations by students and friends of Austin OneHeartSchool. All our products are made with natural ingredients, made by hand, and with love.


Using the finest, plant-dyed fleece, each hairpin is lovingly shaped and crafted. Each one is unique and will bring you beauty and joy each time you wear it. Also great for gifts.

$12 + free shipping


Hand-made candles with pure beeswax from sustainable gathering practices.

Beeswax candles are naturally scented with the aroma of honey, highly desirable for those who suffer with asthma or is allergic or sensitive to smells. Pure beeswax candles emit little (if any) smoke when they burn – keeping your home cleaner and more comfortable. These candles burn with little or no wax drip making them last longer. Recent studies suggest that burning beeswax candles can actually purify the air by releasing negative ions removing impurities from the air we breathe.

Prices range from $10 – $35 + shipping

Please contact for pricing info for various candles.


Parenting A New Paradigm is filled with inspirational insights to support parents, families, caregivers and humanity in shifting their perceptions regarding children and their interactions with them.

Only available in person through Casa de Luz, 1701 Toomey Road, Austin.



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