Upper School
(7-18 yrs)

Upper School
(7-18 yrs)

At Austin OneHeart Upper School, we offer nature-based, integrated learning, and a chosen area of focus in Business, Filmmaking, Independent Projects, Theatre, or Writing. Our athletics program includes Parkour, rowing, and swimming.

The daily and weekly rhythm honors the individual’s need to explore the outer world and helps him/her acquire the skills necessary for the exploration of the self and the world. Students are also given space to integrate and process the meaning of their journey. Our daily activities include permaculture, customized learning (self-directed research and projects), drama, photography, coding. math, science, arts, writing, languages, Parkour, rowing, and swimming.

We offer integrated, customized curriculum to support self-directed, lifelong learning and to prepare each person for his/her next step in life.

Austin OneHeart School allows you the freedom to experience yourself and the world.

Here you will:

  • Apply your talents and passions to collaborative enterprise.
  • Transform the world in a positive way.
  • Prepare yourself for the college or career of your choice.
  • Celebrate who you are today and the person you are becoming.

We are pleased to announce our full and partial merit-based scholarships for students aged 14-18 interested in pursuing independent study! Please submit your application & two letters of recommendation and examples of your work.

OneHeart Scholars will be chosen on the basis of their demonstrated excellence in

  • Scholarly/creative pursuits
  • Extracurricular accomplishments
  • Teamwork/ Good citizenship

And two letters of recommendation from a teacher/mentor (not family member) who can speak to the student’s character, motivation, work ethic, scholarship and extracurricular leadership.

Scholarly/creative achievements will include not only school evaluations or their equivalents for homeschoolers but also a student’s record of self-directed and holistic learning. We will consider academic and artistic curiosity and innovative ways a student has engaged in learning.

Extracurricular leadership will include activities outside the school, such as athletics, student-led volunteer work, and charity work. We want to see how a student has channeled his or her energy outside of school.

Lastly, good citizenship will include anything students have done to better their community/ team in some way. We are interested in finding what they care about in their environment, in and out of school.

Finalists will be announced on a rolling basis. Apply early

For any other questions, please inquire at

Your OneHeart Experience

Meet your
peers and mentors.
Sharpen interpersonal skills
and examine shared
Opening Retreat
No more
disconnected learning
and going to classes for
each subject. Experience
learning, naturally
and easily.
Integrated Learning
Acquire tools
for connecting with
others – through filmmaking,
producing a play, speaking in
small and large groups,
creative and academic/business
Explore the world
of business through the
lens of compassion for
people and planet.
Small-scale social enterprise
Experience new
language, food, and culture!
See the world from a
different perspective.
Tap into OneHeart's
global network
of changemakers.
development workshops
and college/career placement
services available to OneHeart alumni/ae.
OneHeart Network


In the peaceful outskirts of Austin, you will gain an overview of your OneHeart journey, examining shared values and aspirations. Here you will meet your peers and mentors, laying the foundation for your personal and collective transformation.

Most people, even at this time in history, continue to learn about the world in a disconnected fashion. Each discipline has its turf, and students attend separate classes for each subject.
Not at OneHeart. We find that “Learning By Doing” is a natural and stress-free way to explore the world, which helps you retain knowledge longer and use it more successfully. In the OneHeart process, you will approach tasks from multiple points of view and use a range of disciplines to solve problems. You will discover not just facts that explain the world, but also the intricate balance achieved in productive relationships.

During your time at the Austin OneHeart School, you will refine your leadership abilities and acquire tools to connect with yourself and others. You and your peers will run a small-scale social enterprise, honing your business skills while you also make positive contributions to this planet and its people.
Whatever your situation or title, OneHeart School prepares you to share your gifts and lead.

As a graduate of the Austin OneHeart School, you will discover a new kind of clarity and purpose in life, combining creativity, personal empowerment, and a sense of social responsibility. You will also join a global network of OneHeart alumni/ae, strengthening your connections through retreats, college- and career workshops, and online events.